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Article 15

Beating an Article 15 Offense in Colorado

An Article 15 or “nonjudicial punishment” (NJP) refers to a form of administrative discipline that commanders may use to address Article 15 alleged transgressions of

Criminal investigation scene

Am I Under Investigation

We have all seen numerous television shows that portray how law enforcement agencies conduct covert investigations. The idea of being a subject of real-life federal

arrested for dui

False Positives on a DUI Test

Motorists who are pulled over due to suspected DUI are typically tested using a breathalyzer machine or a field kit. Many law enforcement personnel rely

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How Can an Alcohol Offense Affect Your Military Career?

An alcohol offense such as a DUI not only affects you and your performance as a member of the armed forces, but also your career. Your chances of promotion are diminished, and your reputation within the organization is tainted. As a former judge advocate and experienced military lawyer, Attorney Stephen Anderson knows that the military frowns upon alcohol-related criminal charges. If you are an armed services member, and have been charged with a DUI or any other alcohol-related offense get a free consultation with our experienced military lawyer, Stephen Anderson. Call (719)473-9099 now!

What Can You Expect at a Sobriety Checkpoint in Colorado?

Driving in Colorado, you might encounter DUI roadblocks, otherwise known as sobriety checkpoints. During this event you can expect the officer to perform a visual inspection to determine if you’ve been drinking, and if he/she believes that you have, you may be asked to step out of your vehicle, and perform a sobriety test. You may further be asked to take a chemical test if it is deemed that you may indeed be intoxicated. It may be a blood test or a breathalyzer test. 

A DUI in Colorado is a severe charge, especially in El Paso County. If you have been charged with DUI in Colorado Springs don’t try to fight it alone. You can receive a free consultation with our experienced legal team. Call us now at (719) 473-9099.

Consequences of Teen DUI in Colorado

Getting a DUI in Colorado is a serious offense. If your teenager has been charged he/she may face a loss of their license for up to one year, among other penalties. But that’s not all, it may also affect their ability to receive scholarships to colleges, and even their job opportunities. Just one beer, one shot, or one glass of wine may be enough to charge them with alcohol impairment. 

If your teen has been charged with a DUI in Colorado Springs, you can receive a free consultation with our experienced legal team. Call (719) 473-9099 now!

How to Celebrate Responsibly During the Holidays

If you plan to celebrate during the holidays, there are things you can do to ensure that you don’t get in trouble with the law. For example, if you are about to have a 3rd drink, make sure you have a designated driver, or find another ride home. You don’t want to get caught behind the wheel after having more than the legal limit. If you’ve been charged with a DUI this holiday, you can receive a free consultation with our experienced attorneys. Call us at (719) 473-9099 now!