The COVID-19 Pandemic Should Mean Fewer Drunk Drivers in Colorado

Drunk Driving

Colorado, nearly 26,000 people are arrested every year for DUI (driving under
the influence of alcohol) or DUID (driving under the influence of drugs)
offenses. Just because you have been charged with a DUI in Colorado does not
mean that you are guilty of the offense. All it means is that you need a strong
legal defense to protect your rights.

in the current conditions related to the coronavirus crisis in Colorado, the
number of DUI arrests is likely to have substantially come down. Local
lockdowns, shelter-in-place and work-from-home practices have reduced the
number of vehicles on the road, which automatically brings down the number of
the DUI cases.

Rising Number of
Covid-19 Positive Cases

of the 7


of April, Colorado had 5,429 confirmed cases of Covid-19,
representing a jump of 257 over the previous day. According to the state health
officials, the number of hospitalizations across the state has also gone up to
1,079 (it was 994 a day before.)

29 more deaths related to coronavirus, the total number of deaths attributable
to the disease in Colorado stands at 179. At least 28,094 people have been
tested for Covid-19 in the state. These grim numbers are indicative of the
serious health challenges posed by the virus, and as of now, the best way to
contain the spread is to practice social distancing and minimize the visits
outside home.

Driving is Down
across the State

the scare caused by Covid-19 pandemic, driving around the country as well as
the state of Colorado is down. According to reports released by leading auto
insurance companies, driving is down by anywhere between 35 to 50 percent
throughout the country.

indirectly means that car crashes are down too, and DUI incidents are also down
in similar proportion. The evidence of this trend can be noticed from the fact
some of the leading auto insurance companies are giving refunds to their
clients or offering discounted premiums.

instance, Allstate is offering customers a rebate of 15 percent for April and
May, while American Family Insurance is giving a flat refund of $50 per car to
its customers.

Stay-at-Home Order
in Colorado Extended

Jared Polis has said that the spread of coronavirus in Colorado has slowed
down, but he has called upon the residents to maintain social distancing even
now and wear home-made masks when they have to come out of the home for any
essential errands. To contain the spread of the virus further, the state has extended
its stay-at-home order to the 26


of April.

previous stay-at-home order was in force till 11


April, and it has
now been extended for another 15 days. Following this development, most people
are likely to remain off the roads in Colorado. This will have indirect impact
in terms of reduction in the number of auto accidents and DUI offenses across
the state.

Reduced Access to
Alcoholic Beverages

Colorado residents enjoy alcoholic beverages in their leisure time. However,
with various social distancing measures put in place across the state, many of
the liquor stores, bars and restaurants in Colorado are closed or accepting
fewer visitors at a time.

of many of the non-essential businesses are working from home and many in the
hospitality industry have been laid off. This indirectly means that many of the
sources of alcoholic beverages, including manufacturers, are either operating at
reduced capacity or shutting down indefinitely.

trends are clearly contributing to a reduced number of drunk drivers on
Colorado’s roads as of now. However, this does not mean that DUI incidents are
entirely eliminated. Drivers should follow all the safe driving practices on
road, but if they are charged with DUI in Colorado, it is prudent to speak to
an experienced DUI attorney right away for legal advice.

Drug DUI in

under the influence of drugs is a serious offense in Colorado. It is important
to understand that illegal “street” drugs, recreational drugs, as well as
prescription drugs and medical marijuana can constitute a DUID offense in the

recreational marijuana is legalized in Colorado, it does mean that you can
drive legally under the influence of marijuana. If you have a valid medical
marijuana card in Colorado, it will not serve as a defense to DUID charges.

in a DUI case in Colorado, the penalties can be the same as a DUID offense, if
you were driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or some combination of
the two.

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