Am I Under Investigation

Criminal investigation scene

We have all seen numerous television shows that portray how law enforcement agencies conduct covert investigations. The idea of being a subject of real-life federal or state criminal investigation might seem far-fetched to most people, but it is not as uncommon as you might think. 

If you find out that you are under scrutiny by law enforcement agencies, it is very important for you to initiate measures to safeguard yourself. Not all investigations lead to criminal charges, but you must seek legal counsel to understand your rights under the circumstances and the recourse available to you under the law.

White-Collar Criminal Investigation

A lot of time, effort, and planning on the part of law-enforcement agencies will go into launching a formal investigation into a white-collar crime. Such investigations require collecting evidence that will hold up in a court of law, pursuing credible leads, and drawing up lists of possible suspects.

By the time you become aware of being a probable target in an ongoing criminal investigation, have no doubt that the investigative agencies have done sufficient groundwork to build a case against you. 

While it is not an ideal situation to be a target of an ongoing criminal investigation, you must act quickly once you come to know of a potential case against you. You must contact an able and skillful defense attorney and start preparing proactively for the investigation as well as your defense in face of the potential charges.

Signs You Need to Look Out For

If you feel you may be under investigation, you must find out for certain before taking any precautionary steps. Here are a few telltale signs you need to look out for, to confirm your fears of being under watch:  

You Observe Unfamiliar Activity

The law enforcers need to collect substantial evidence during the investigation of a crime. If you are the subject of their investigation, they would need to get closer to you in some way to dig up and gather that evidence.

If this is indeed the case, then some of the obvious signs that you must be wary of, are:

  • Sighting strange and unfamiliar stationary vehicles near your house
  • Receiving unusual or anonymous calls
  • Unknown people trying to approach you on social media 

You Receive Unusual Requests for Disclosure of Personal Information

Any criminal investigative agency must gather incriminating information to build a case against you. They may need to contact your past and current employers, banks, and other institutions to look for and unearth such information. If there has been an unusual request for information recently, an investigator might be trying to implicate and indict you.

You Receive Subpoenas and Other Legal Documents in Mail

Keep an eye out for the mail and specifically, any legal documents or subpoenas delivered to your house or workplace. It could be a grand jury subpoena advising you to testify or present certain documents related to a crime, or a letter from a federal prosecutor to apprise you of being under investigation.

If you have received any documents of the kind mentioned above, you must contact an attorney and seek legal guidance as soon as possible. 

You Receive Notifications About Your Bank Accounts or Assets Being Frozen

If the law enforcement agencies believe that they have sufficient evidence against you, they might use their authority or obtain permission from a legal authority to freeze your assets or bank accounts. You must take urgent action if you receive a notification of seizure of material or assets belonging to you, from your bank or a law enforcement agency.

If you do not take suitable action promptly, it might be too late to undo the damage and get the order rescinded at a later stage. You have much better chances of getting your assets and bank accounts released if you contact an experienced and competent criminal defense lawyer immediately.

This will let you carry on with your life normally while preparing your defense with the help of your attorney.

You Face Direct Interrogation

The most obvious sign of an investigation involving you is when you receive a request from an investigating officer to submit to questioning.  In some cases, an officer may simply drop in at your workplace or home unannounced to ask you questions about a case.

This type of questioning or interrogation is a clear sign of you being a target of an investigation, even though your Fifth Amendment rights provide you protection from self-incrimination.

You Face Search & Seizure

Investigating officers search your workplace or home, or both, using a search warrant issued by the court. 

Legal Advice from Accomplished Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have reasons to believe that you are the target of a criminal investigation, it is extremely important that you seek legal help. The seasoned criminal defense attorneys at the law offices of Anderson & Carnahan are ready to assist you with their vast experience and extensive understanding of the criminal justice system.

We believe in proactive intervention and will advise you not to wait until you are charged with a crime. Early steps taken in the right direction can help protect your rights and even prevent the filing of criminal charges against you. To schedule a confidential consultation with a skilled criminal defense attorney, call today at (719) 473-9099.

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