Choosing the Right DUI Lawyer in Colorado Springs

dui lawyer in colorado springs

Sometimes we make poor choices or are even victims of a stroke of terrible luck. According to MADD, 28.7 million people admitted that they’ve driven under the influence in 2017, which is more than the population of Texas.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Colorado, this isn’t
something you can sweep under the rug or take lightly. A DUI conviction can
have lasting consequences. Not only will you end up with a criminal record and
face some harsh penalties, but this could also impact your ability to get a
job, find a place to live, go to school, and even retain custody of your

Why You Should Hire a DUI Attorney

Hiring an experienced DUI attorney comes with a variety
of benefits. You’ll get qualified legal counsel on what to do and not to do,
which includes what to say and what not to say as your case progresses. Your
lawyer will also possess behind-the-scenes knowledge of the court system, know
how to navigate complex legal situations, and have an understanding of criminal
defense tactics and potential plea bargains.

If you decide to represent yourself, some of the
complicated legal processes and procedures could be so confusing that you end
up harming your case instead of helping it. Similarly, choosing a public
defender doesn’t put you in the best position. These are trained attorneys, but
they are also overworked and not always able to devote the time necessary to
provide meaningful help on your case.

There are over

1.3 million active lawyers

in the U.S. and
over 21,000 attorneys in Colorado alone. Knowing this, how do you pick the
right one? Fortunately, many DUI attorneys are willing to meet for a
consultation to introduce themselves and discuss your case. This is your
opportunity to conduct your own screening. Here are some of the areas to focus
on as you look for the best DUI lawyer.

Experience and Background

When you meet with any DUI attorney, they are going to
want to know about your situation, but it’s essential that you learn as much as
possible about them as well. There are many types of lawyers, and you want one
that has some experience handling your particular type of charges. A few
questions that you can ask include:

  • How
    long have you been practicing criminal law?
  • How
    long have you been representing clients in DUI cases?
  • How
    often do you appear in the courthouse where my case will be heard?
  • How
    often do you negotiate plea deals versus take cases like this to trial?

Assessment of Your Case

Listen closely to the questions that the lawyer asks
about your situation. During this assessment process, you can get an idea of
their possible case strategy and your potential legal options. Find out what
the attorney recommends based on the information you’ve provided. Ask about
other factors that could impact the outcome of your case.

Case Management

Attorneys have different case management practices, and you want to hire one that suits your needs. Ask the attorneys you meet with if they will be the one working on your case or if it will be someone else. Find out how they will stay in contact with you and how long you should expect to wait for a response to questions.

Think About Distance

While you or your attorney can travel and communicate electronically, it’s smart to have an attorney who’s near you or, at the very least, who lives in the same area where charges are being brought against you. Again, local knowledge and relationships can be a boon to your case. More than this, though, you’ll likely want to meet with your attorney many times in person throughout the process. If you are located near each other, this will be more convenient.

Legal Fees

DUI cases aren’t cheap, but it would be more expensive to
ignore these charges. Ask the attorney how they bill for their services so that
you understand the arrangement. Also, find out about payment terms and forms of
payment accepted.


If you find a firm that rises to the top of your list, get confirmation of their excellence through references. You can check online sources for ratings and reviews as well as ask the attorney for some references.

Factor in Compatibility

Finally, you should factor in the compatibility of personalities when making a hiring decision. You want to hire someone who is smart, skilled, and effective; you also want to hire someone whom you truly believe will put your best interests first and with whom you are comfortable spending a lot of time. If personalities don’t mesh, you may have a more difficult time being honest and open with your lawyer, things that are key in any case, but especially in criminal defense.

Speak with a Qualified Colorado Springs DUI

If you’ve been charged with DUI in the Colorado Springs
area, there is a lot at stake. A skilled criminal defense attorney is your best
chance at achieving a favorable outcome. At Anderson & Carnahan, Attorneys
at Law, we invite you to meet with us to discuss your situation.

We have provided experienced and aggressive legal
representation to clients for over 50 years. Whether you hire our firm or not,
we urge you to work with someone who knows Colorado DUI laws and the most
effective defense strategies to mitigate the situation as much as possible.

Beware of any attorney that uses the word
“guarantee.” Check credible sources when hiring an attorney. We offer
every client a free case evaluation so that you can decide for yourself whether
or not we are the right firm for you. Contact us today at (719) 473-9099 to
schedule your appointment.