Dynasty Star Linda Evans Reflects on her DUI

Image of Linda Evans

A driving under the influence (DUI) charge can be a life-changing event. It’s best for there to never be DUIs in the first place, but if someone does get charged with one, there can be a silver lining of real change to become a better person for those charged.

This type of eye opening experience can happen to the average Joe, and it can also happen to those more renowned than the average Joe. TV celebrity and Dynasty Star Linda Evans recently spoke of her own DUI incident, and the real pain she saw in her eyes when she viewed the dashcam footage of the 2014 event.

“When I saw the footage, I was surprised because I don’t remember myself that way,” said Evans to PEOPLE Magazine. “That’s not the way I perceive myself. To see it, it was disturbing. I saw the pain in my eyes.”

According to the incident report 74-year-old, Evans was pulled over in May 2014 after her vehicle was observed drifting across lanes of traffic. After pulling Evans over officers noticed that she was demonstrating the behavior of intoxication including “sluggish behavior, lack of coordination, inability to stand without falling over” according to the incident report.

According to Evans, the behavior was not due to acute intoxication, but rather a chronic pain condition due to a slipped disk. “It’s true I was driving while being in physical pain, but I was not impaired by any narcotic. I did not take any opiate or alcohol,” Evans says. “I would not have willfully put anyone in jeopardy.”

The story quickly made headlines due to Evans status with many amateur lawyers pointing to Evans arrest as a display of reckless behavior. After extensive blood tests, it was determined that Evans was not intoxicated by foreign substances, and the DUI charge was dropped in favor of a reckless driving charge.

Though the incident eventually calmed down Evans spoke about getting behind the wheel while you are not in a condition to operate a vehicle. “That day was pivotal for me because, in hindsight, I wished I had made better judgment,” she admits. “I drove to water therapy, but should have stayed home because I felt so weak from back pain.”

No matter the circumstances it’s advisable to talk to a defense lawyer regarding any DUI charge as Evans did. What happened during a DUI can be a hectic situation for anyone to deal with, but the help of a DUI defense lawyer can get you over it.