Colorado Stepping Up DUI Enforcement

A lawyer in Colorado Springs

There’s no question that Colorado residents like to have a good time. With all of the mountainous scenery, breweries, and pro-sports around, there are plenty of excuses to go out and let loose. Many people like to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks to help them have a good time, which is perfectly fine, as long as you know your limits and doesn’t put yourself or others in dangers. Unfortunately, that is not always the case in Colorado, which is why the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDoT) and the Colorado State Patrol are cracking down on drunken driving over the holiday season.

The step-up in DUI enforcement is a result of Colorado’s record. This time in 2015 269 people were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving with 31 arrested in Denver and 27 in Aurora. Between September 16 and October 24 of this year, officers in Colorado Springs have already made 154 arrests with many of them coming in a Labor Day crackdown.

The campaign to crack down is known as “The Heat is on Campaign,” and will be a joint effort between CDoT and the Colorado State Patrol. The campaign will consist of more State Patrol officers looking for intoxicated drivers along with signage on major interstates courtesy of CDoT. Director of CDoT’s Officer of Transportation Safety said in a statement, “The consequences of a DUI goes beyond the financial repercussions. Drivers can lose their license, face time in jail, and be summoned to community service; not to mention the possibility of killing yourself or someone else in a drunk driving crash. It is not worth the risk.”

It’s perfectly fine to let loose this holiday season, as long as you are safe about it. If you plan on tying off a few, put a plan in place to get home or somewhere safe before you start drinking. Look up bus routes or the number for a cab service, so you never have to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. With everyone making the right decisions we can see the drunk driving arrests go down in Colorado, something that’s good for everyone in the state.